Netflix Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox


Today's world is developing with the flow of entertainment. Entertainment is the relevant part of our daily life that does not follow boundations. Entertainment is widely available across boundaries. Moreover, when we are looking for the company of someone or even more people to join us, it adds more enjoyment to it. Here, Netflix Party Extension contributes a lot in socializing and entertaining people by a virtual watch party. Yes, this is for real; by using the Netflix party Extension, you can host a Netflix party, and by forwarding the watch party URL, you can invite your dear and close ones. Within the process, a Netflix subscription is required first, then sharing and downloading of extensions comes.
Furthermore, you can start chit-chat with your friends and family and even send emojis to express your emotions while streaming movies and series. Apart from it, you will not experience any obstacles in downloading the Netflix Party Extension as it is easy to find on the web. Notably, Netflix is assured about the security concerns of the users. However, you will not face any problems while doing Netflix Party. Additionally, Netflix Party’s features will enhance your streaming experience and will make it better. All over, Netflix Party is available only for the streaming platform Netflix and for free. Also, this improves relationships by spending quality time at our homely place and avoiding the outside world’s chaos.

How to Use Netflix Party

Install The Extension
In Toolbar, Pin The Extension
Signing In To Your Account
Search, Start, And Pause
How To Host A Netflix Party?
How to Join a Netflix Party?

Features of Netflix Party

Netflix has many impressive features to enjoy, which will ease and enhance your streaming experience via Netflix Party Extension.

Smooth Synchronization
Personalized Profiles
HD Video Quality Experience
Worldwide Streaming
Unlimited Invites
Quick Buffering
Group Chats
Control Over Complete Access

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does everyone need a Netflix subscription?
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